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10 Oct 2016

MTP/MPO fiber cables, as an important part of the multi-fiber connection system, are designed for the reliable and quick operations in Data Centers. These cables are with less space requirements and improved scalability, providing significant space and cost savings. The MTP/MPO solutions are widely used for 40GbE and 100GbE network environment as well as fast installation of enterprise data center.

Why MPO/MTP Solutions Are Needed in Data Center?

With the advent and popularity of cloud computing and big data, the demands for high-speed transmission and data capacity are becoming much greater than ever before. And 40/100G Ethernet is now a trend and hotspot for data center cabling system. Since MPO/MTP connectors are the...

02 Sep 2015

Fiber optic patch cable, also known as fiber optic jumper or fiber optic patch cord, is an optical cable capped at both end with connectors and used to connect one telecommunication equipment to another. The optical connectors on the end of these patch cords shall be compatible with the connectors furnished on the optical device transmit and receive cards. Fiber optic patch cords are designed to interconnect or cross connect fiber networks within structured cabling systems. A fiber optic patch cord is constructed from a core with a high refractive index, surrounded by a coating with a low refractive index that is surrounded by a protective jacket. According to the optical fiber used, fiber optic patch cable can be divided into two...

26 Aug 2015

In 1870, John Tyndall demonstrated the experiment of total internal reflection which proved that light can follow a curved path to shine around corners. This stimulates the later discovery that light will be totally reflected at the surface when it passes from air into glass at a right angle. This means that fiber made of glass can be used to transport light, thus the term optical fiber emerged. Since 1980s, optical fiber cable is gradually replacing copper cable as the mainstream medium of transmission in telecommunication network.

An optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass or plastic which can carry light from one end to the other. Its diameter is slightly thicker than that of a human hair. Optical fibers...