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23 May 2016

Parallel-optical data links are now available and designed into many next-generation telecom/datacom central-office switches and routers. In order to meet the continued growing Internet capacity over the next couple of years, parallel-optical data links are gaining more and more popularity. This article will introduce the next-generation parallel optical data links which will play continuing role in the future network of data communications.

What Is Parallel Optical Link

Parallel optical data link is a concept opposite to serial optical data link and also a replacement for many serial data communication links. In the more typical application of parallel optic link, one byte of information is split up into bits. And each bit is coded...

19 Jan 2016

As the speed and transfer rates of computer hardware continue to grow alongside demand for ever-more data, new cabling becomes a necessity to keep up. Backbones for 40G on multimode fiber generally use MPO connectors which work with QSFP+ transceivers to allow four simultaneous 10G or better connections. An upgrade to QSFP+ can mean a significant reduction in overall cabling, which brings better reliability and cost-effectiveness.

MPO can work at higher speeds as well, able to bundle hundreds of individual fiber lines at once into a single terminator. As this is a relatively new standard, MPO connectors are not well-understood by many people. However, they're necessary to deliver the speeds promised by today's top-line...