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29 Aug 2016

Nowadays, fiber optic cable is a popular medium for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications. Although fiber offers various advantages over copper, copper still has a space in telecommunication networks, for example, direct attach copper cables, like HP JD096C 10G SFP+ direct attach copper cable or Cisco QSFP+ breakout cable (Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU5M). The twisted pair cable has been widely deployed for telephone line networks ever since it was first developed in 1881. Today, it has already been extended worldwide mainly for outdoor land lines offering telephone voice services.

What Is Twisted Pair Cable

As a kind of copper wiring, twisted pair cable is made by putting...

06 May 2016

Quad small form-factor pluggable plus (QSFP+) direct attach copper (DAC) cables are suitable for in-rack connections between QSFP+ ports of EX Series switches. They are suitable for short distances of up to 16.4 ft (5 m), making them ideal for highly cost-effective networking connectivity within a rack and between adjacent racks. This article will introduce EX Series switches and QSFP+ DAC for EX Series switches.

Introduction to EX Series Switches

EX Series switches deliver scalable port densities and carrier-proven high availability features that consolidate legacy switch layers, helping to reduce capital and operational expenses and advance the economics of networking. For example, the EX 4200 series Ethernet switches with...

04 May 2016

In today’s data center, more bandwidth is needed to support the use of server virtualization where multiple virtual machines are combined on a single physical host server. To meet the ever growing need to cost-effectively deliver more bandwidth, SFP+ direct attach cables deliver lower power, lower latency and higher density for today’s data centers and storage area networks.

Direct attach cables (DAC) are high performance integrated duplex data link for bi-directional communication. And a SFP+ direct attach cable, also known as twinax cables, uses SFP+ MSA and copper “twinaxial” cable with SFP+ connectors on both sides, provides 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity between devices with SFP+ interfaces. SFP+ direct attach copper...