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31 Mar 2016
What is Mode Conditioning Patch Cable?

Mode conditioning patch cable, also called mode conditioning patch cord (MCP), is a duplex multimode patch cable that has a small length of single mode fiber at the start of the transmission length. Designed to "condition" the laser launch and obtain an effective bandwidth closer to that measured by the overfilled launch method, the MCP allows for laser transmitters to operate at gigabit rates over multimode fiber without being limited by Differential Mode Delay (DMD). The point is to excite a large number of modes in the fiber, weighted in the mode groups that are highly excited by overfill launch conditions, and to avoid exciting widely separated mode groups with similar power levels. This is...

23 Sep 2015

As the use of fiber in premise networks continues to grow, so do the requirements for testing and certifying it. An optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument in the characterization and certification of fiber-optic links (multi-mode and single-mode LAN/Ethernet). When choosing an OTDR, it is important to select the specific OTDR performance and features according to the required specification to qualify these links accurately. This article describes the key specifications that should be considered when choosing an OTDR.


Dynamic Range

This specification determines the total optical loss that the OTDR can analyze, that is to say, the overall length of fiber link can be measured by the OTDR. The higher...