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11 Nov 2016

New technology develops in networking, such as 40G, 100G and 400G Ethernet solutions, which means that data center administrators have new challenges: maintaining high availability, reducing costs, and seeking future proof applications. When pursuing maximal density, capacity and performance, can cable management go hand in hand? This passage will give you the answer.

In fact, high-density fiber connectivity products are the key to making high density a reality without sacrificing streamlined, cost-efficient cable management. Here are the HD series fiber connectivity components from FS.COM which ensure easy cable management along the way.

High-Density Patch Panels

The right high-density patch panel can provide fast, intuitive and easy deployment of high-density interconnects and cross-connects in data centers and LANs – all while conserving valuable rack space. Angled styles can also facilitate cable management practices as compared to standard patch panels.

With the wide deployment of 40G and 100G high speed networks. MPO/MTP breakout patch panel may be an ideal solution for this high-density installation. Deploying high-density patch panels has many advantages. It simplifies the cabling deployment by running short fiber patch cables from your SAN or network switch up to the fiber patch panel. Much space can also be saved in data centers by mounting more cables into a smaller space. Installation is easier since no tools are required to install cassettes in the patch panels, and push-pull tabs are used to ease the difficulty of cable connections in the patch panels.

Fiber Optic Enclosures

Reconfigurable/adjustable panels with various mounting and attachment features can ensure that the patch panel works with your data center configuration without having to buy new components.

Superior port access with increased density can provide up to a 50% reduction in RU (rack unit) space. Also look for housing with an intuitive, modular design – this leads to fewer components and offers a single system that supports a variety of port counts and configurations. Ports should be identified through clear, visible labeling.

Highly accessible sliding and tilting drawers speed up field termination; drawers that can be removed without tools can also reduce installation time. If you’re looking for a pre-terminated solution, housing with simple fixed shelves and cassettes keep deployment time to a minimum.

Solutions that offer support for both legacy ST and SC and modern LC and MPO applications help support cost-effective migration to 40G and 100G applications with only a simple cassette or adapter frame change.

High-Density Patch Cords

High-Density patch cords feature a new pull tab which allows patch cord removal even in highly populated patch panels without the need for a special tool.

Due to space constraints, data centres require high density solutions. With traditional patch cords the operational efficiency is reduced since the latch of the patch cord is above the connector. In dense areas it is often impossible to reach: an additional removal tool is required. With the new pull tab design the latch is extended to the space behind the connector. In this area the pull tab can be easily accessed and the patch cord is released with a simple pull.

Patch cords should also be marked and easily accessible for faster fiber type identification. A great example: Fiberstore uses green on OM3/OM4 cable, adapters and connector bodies and blue on OS2 cable, adapters and connector, making it easy to tell the difference between single mode and multimode fibers.

High-Density Trunks

High-density trunks allow tighter trunk cable bends for slack storage and routing. When you can find high-density trunks that offer smaller/lighter transitions, less space is consumed and installation is easier. Cable pulling and cable management are improved when a cable with a smaller overall diameter is used.

Look for a staggered, ergonomic design that allows easy access to connectors to install MPO trunks. A pulling eye can add efficiency and security when it’s time to move the trunks through densely packed ducts and conduits.

FS.COM HD Fiber Connectivity Solutions

FS.COM HD fiber connectivity solution is your quality choice for easier cable management and high density cabling in data center. Our line of high-density fiber connectivity solutions support easy, streamlined cable management which will save installation time and labor costs to a large extent.


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